Sunrise Alarm Clock


Before the alarm time, similar to the sunrise, the wake-up light gently wakes you up through changing the light from gentle red to bright sunlight (10%-100%) for 10-60 minutes. Before bedtime, the light alarm clock dims from 100% to 0% for 10-120 minutes to help fall asleep better.

Snooze Function allows you to get an extra 9 minutes sleep 5 times. The sunrise alarm clock supports two separate alarm systems. One for you and another for your spouse without affecting each other. Supports setting two alarms simultaneously as well, one for workdays and another for weekends.

20 adjustable brightness of the sunrise light, 7 colors and 3 Modes LED Time display brightness. You can program a default time and target light intensity for gradual sunrise simulation according to your needs for friendly use.

This light alarm clock comes with 7 Natural Sounds (16 adjustable volumes), so you can choose your favorite sounds at the right volume as a gentle wake up call. The FM radio can also work as an alarm clock to wake you up with your favorite radio show or as a sleep aid for better sleeping.

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