Free Landing Page Templates

free landing page templates

Continuing with my week-long program of daily giveaways to celebrate my birthday, today we have for you free landing page templates.

These are two templates that were created by Invesp Consulting. Khalid Saleh, the CEO of Invesp, was a guest on my radio podcast show back in July of this year, when he spoke on the topic of optimizing landing pages. I was impressed with the knowledge he shared in that podcast. So when I saw his firm had free landing page templates to download, I was excited to point them out to you this week.

Why Use Landing Pages?

If you are an old hand at selling online, you already know why you should use landing pages so skip to the next section. The rest of you, keep reading.  🙂

A landing page is a special page created for the express purpose of “converting” website visitors — to get those visitors to take some action such as filling out a lead form or subscribing to a newsletter.  If, for instance, you were running an ad campaign to generate leads online, you would point the ad to your landing page, rather than to your home page where the visitor might get lost or frustrated.

How a landing page is designed is very important.  What you put on the page and where each item appears on the page can make a considerable difference. For instance, back in July when we had Khalid on the radio show, one of the things he emphasized was the importance of design to your online results:

“Images and great design — really pays off. Khalid had a client that offered mobile fax services and the image on their landing page was a mountain scene, meant to depict the ability to fax from anywhere. Their conversion rate at that time was 4%. When the image was changed and depicted a man in an airport with a laptop, their conversion rate jumped to 9%.”

How to Claim the Landing Page Templates

Go to the free landing page templates section on the Invesp blog. Either sign up for the Invesp RSS feed or sign up for the weekly email updates (both are free — I myself signed up for the email updates and got a nice concise newsletter highlighting articles from their blog).

After that you’ll either read in the RSS feed or in the newsletter the location of the downloadable .zip file for the templates. Simply download the templates to your computer, and open the files with an HTML editing program such as Dreamweaver. Or you can open them with a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox if you want to study them. Or send the downloaded zip file to your webmaster or “tech guy” and work with him or her to customize them for your own site.

You get the landing pages, a CSS style sheet for each, and even the thank-you page that your website visitor is directed to upon completing the lead form. They are virus free, of course — I’d never knowingly point you to any suspect downloads.

Claim your free landing page templates.

Image: Invesp


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  3. Hi Vlad, hmmm … it worked perfectly when I did it. So I sent off a note to the Invesp people to check their page to see what’s going on. Thanks for alerting us to this issue so we can try to get it resolved for everyone.


  4. I agree, the freebies are excellent! (Shouldn’t YOU be the one getting gifts this week?) 🙂

  5. Hi Anita, thank you for the kind words.

    @Vlad, thank you for pointing the problem with the download. It is fixed now.

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    Thanks for the gift! I will use it for a home based network marketing campaign.

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  14. Great Info on landing pages! Still suprises me how many people really are not more focused on them! I use them for online as well as traditional business campaigns! Can I say You should all look at the landing page marketing tools from I have been using their program for about 4 months! About 800 templates and all the other tools to promote and manage. analytics too!
    Its new and still updating but very cool! Richard
    Ps… so cool I actually have started working for them on a part time basis, but see for yourself

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  16. What a fantastic offer, thank you for sharing these awesome landing pages.

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  18. I love a freebie but these landing page templates are looking a bit dated, no bueno!

    My suggestion would be to go to a marketplace like themeforest (spend $10-15 for a decent and modern design) on there.

    Cheers / Matt

  19. Had to sign up then did not get free landing page templates 2017. Can’t trust a company that doesn’t follow through with its promises to provide something after getting your contact information.

    • I agree Peg but I think the answer lies in the fact that this is a post from 2008 and it is no longer supported or maintained. It’s a shame though as I would love to see this post getting a much needed update.