30 Fun Shop Ideas

30 Fun Shop Ideas

Thinking of opening your first brick and mortar store? You’ll first need to decide on a niche. There are plenty of different shop ideas you can turn into reality. But not all of them offer the notoriety you might want as a new business. The right shop ideas grab people’s attention and offer products that people really want.

Fun Shop Ideas

If you want to attract tons of customers to your store, going the fun route might work best. Here are 30 of the most fun shop ideas to consider.

Candy Shop

Candy is the ultimate fun item. You can carry a variety of items in your shop or just focus on a specific niche like nostalgic candy.

Vintage Toy Shop

You can also specialize in selling toys that might offer some nostalgia for people, like collectible Barbie dolls or popular action figures from the 80’s.

Sports Collectible Shop

Sports collectibles, from trading cards to signed memorabilia, can bring in big profits. Your store can specialize in a particular team, sport or city, or you can offer a variety.

Board Game Shop

Video and mobile games may be more prevalent in today’s society. But there are still plenty of people who enjoy good old fashioned board games. In addition to selling them, you might even host game nights or events for people to try out various options.

Vinyl Record Shop

Vinyl records are still popular after all these years. Give music lovers a place to buy all of their favorite old (and new) albums in a unique setting.

30 Fun Shop Ideas

Art Print Shop

Art galleries are often sterile and full of expensive items that are out of reach for the everyday consumer. Flip that idea on its head with a gallery style store that sells mainly prints at affordable prices. You can even host artist showcases and events.

Sci Fi Shop

Appeal to the science fiction aficionados in your area with a shop that carries a variety of memorabilia in this niche. You can either source licensed products from current distributors or collect vintage items to sell.

Music Shop

If you love music, bring that passion to your customers with a shop full of musical instruments and accessories. Up the fun factor by hosting small concerts or open mic nights for musicians.

Balloon Shop

Everyone needs balloons for parties and special occasions. You may not be able to get by on only selling balloons, but you could bring people in the door with this unique niche and then offer a variety of other party supplies as well. Or you could offer intricate balloon installations at weddings or corporate events to supplement your income.


Man Cave Shop

Lots of men are looking to creat their own “man cave” in their garage or basement. Provide everything they need in one spot by carrying bar accessories, billiards tables, darts, games, and decor.

Rubber Duck Shop

Opening a shop full of rubber ducks will certainly get people’s attention. You can also sell a variety of bath and beauty products.

Costume Shop

Pop-up costume shops are fairly popular around Halloween. However, you might opt to open one year round that also offers options for Santa and Easter Bunny costumes or favorite characters for kids’ birthday parties.

Exotic Pet Supply Shop

People can purchase dog and cat food just about anywhere. But it’s often a little harder to find supplies for snakes or chinchillas. Open a pet supply shop that offers those unique and hard-to-find items.

30 Fun Shop Ideas

Crystal Shop

Crystals have gotten a lot more attention in recent years. Open a shop full of them that also provides information about their properties and abilities.

Prop Shop

People are always interested in relics from their favorite movies, shows or pop culture events. If you can acquire any original props, you may be able to sell them for a decent sum. You could also consider selling replicas or items that people can use for their own shoots.

Upcycled Furniture Shop

There are plenty of furniture shops where people can buy new pieces or antiques that are in disrepair. But some people may prefer to buy one-of-a-kind pieces that are ready to display.

Antique Oddities Shop

If you’re interested in selling antiques, set your shop apart by only selling items that might be considered strange or even macabre.

Antique Oddities

Home Brewing Supply Shop

Home brewing has become an increasingly popular hobby. Your shop could offer all the supplies that people need to get started or take their brewing to the next level. You might even host periodic classes or workshops to help.

Artisan Cooking Shop

For those who are interested in cooking, open a shop that includes unique cookware and accessories. You can also host cooking workshops or classes to bring in potential new customers.

Scrapbooking Shop

Scrapbooking is a popular hobby for families and individuals who want to keep their memories organized. Offer all the supplies they need along with workshops to help people make use of your items.

Pool Toys Shop

Nothing screams summer fun like a pool party. Offer all the floating accessories that people need to have a great time, along with some practical pool supplies and outdoor items.

30 Fun Shop Ideas

Holiday Decor Shop

There’s always an upcoming holiday to look forward to. This type of shop could carry a variety of items for popular holidays like Christmas and Halloween, along with items for occasions like Independence Day or Sweetest Day.

Kids Book Shop

Most bookstores sell children’s books. But a kids’ book shop can focus exclusively on them. You can also offer toys or art supplies, or even bring in children’s book authors for storytime readings.

Zero Waste Shop

People are constantly looking for ways to become more sustainable. Help them cut down on waste by offering products like composting bins and reusable straws and cups.

Nostalgia Shop

Nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool. But it can also be the basis for an entire shop full of iconic items from the past. You can offer a wide array of vintage items or recreations, or just focus on a specific decade or era.


Smart Home Shop

More and more people are looking for ways to make their homes smarter. You can find these products online or in general tech stores. But a smart home shop could offer more thorough demonstrations and potentially even recreate home spaces so people can see products in action.

Specialty Chocolate Shop

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This type of shop could offer flavors and varieties that people can’t find anywhere else.

Baking Supply Shop

Appeal to home bakers with a baking supply shop full of tools and accessories they can use to take their desserts to the next level, from fun cupcake toppers to molds for chocolates.

Plant Shop

You can find plenty of flowers and outdoor plants at nurseries and florist shops. However, more and more people are looking for simple houseplants they can use to update their indoor spaces. Offer a wider variety than people can find in home stores and supplement with unique planters and accessories.

30 Fun Shop Ideas

Lighting Shop

You can also find lamps, shades, chandeliers and sconces at most home improvement stores. But for people who are looking for really unique options, you can open a shop that focuses specifically on lighting.

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