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We live among a sleep-deprived population. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every three adults doesn’t get the recommended hours of sleep each night. Consistently getting too little sleep can lead to a host of physical and mental health problems, and the cost of sleep deprivation can be great, but achieving the optimal quality and quantity of sleep remains a challenge in many busy lives. Fortunately, a host of sleep apps have been developed to help promote a restful night.

What is a Sleep App?

The use of sleep apps is a growing trend in the modern sleep-deprived society. What is a sleep app? The term applies to a variety of software tools available for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. While they serve multiple functions, sleep apps help improve sleep quality and promote restful sleep. Some sleep apps help users fall asleep, while others provide tools to achieve better sleep. Some sleep apps achieve these goals by introducing soothing sound effects and other tools to fall asleep, while others help users understand and conquer sleep issues by tracking nighttime data.

Do Apps for Sleep Work?

According to users, some sleep apps are very useful in promoting better sleep. Soothing sounds and white noise have been shown to help people fall asleep faster. Sleep tracking apps collect data points throughout the night to provide users with a better picture of their sleep cycle, although they don’t directly improve sleep. Because sleep apps are very convenient and affordable, there is little risk for users to try them out, and plenty to gain if they significantly improve sleep.

Benefits of Using a Sleep App

Before you lose sleep during another restless night, consider the following benefits of using sleep apps to achieve a better night’s rest:

  • Fall asleep faster – Many sleep apps offer soothing sound effects, white noise and bedtime activities to help you fall asleep faster.
  • Improve sleep cycle – Other sleep apps track data points while users sleep to help them better understand their sleep patterns. With that knowledge, users then can work toward better sleep.
  • Develop healthy sleep habits – Some sleep apps provide educational resources to help users learn to improve their overall sleep habits.
  • Boost health and wellness – Lack of sleep can carry a whole host of health problems, both physically and mentally. Better health and wellness, therefore, is just one of the positive benefits of a great night of sleep.

10 Best Sleep Apps for Small Business Owners

Need some help achieving a good night’s sleep? Consider the following 10 best sleep apps for small business owners to fall asleep faster and achieve restful deep sleep that improves health and well-being.

1. Sleep Cycle

The free app tracks and analyzes sleep patterns for both Apple and Android users. It features a smart alarm clock that will gently wake the user during their lightest sleep phase, ensuring they awaken rested and refreshed. The Sleep Cycle app monitors sleep patterns using a device’s microphone, then the software analyzes both vibrations and sounds. The app also educates users on their sleep quality with dashboards and daily sleep graphs that illustrate sleep statistics and trends.

2. White Noise Lite App

With the White Noise Lite app, users can block distractions and get a better night’s sleep. The popular program plays a variety of sounds to drown out external and internal noises keeping users awake. Both Apple and Android users can employ the White Noise Lite app to play soothing sounds like ocean waves, thunderstorms, traditional white noise and even vacuum cleaners, helping ease their minds into slumber. The 50 sounds even can be used as a gentle alarm clock.

3. SleepWatch

Called the best in sleep tracking, the SleepWatch app focuses on health by using AI to automatically track sleep using an Apple Watch or another iOS device. Simply activate the smartwatch or mobile device, then wake up to a personalized sleep score and a report with insight on how to improve sleep. The Sleepwatch app even features personalized tips and digital coaching to future boost restful sleep without the use of artificial sleep aids.

4. Sleep Time

Another free app for both Android and iOS devices, Sleep Time employs a complex, state-of-the-art algorithm to analyze sleep patterns. First, the app monitors movements over the course of a night, then it generates user-friendly reports reflecting the user’s sleep data with charts and graphs. The app also features a smart alarm clock feature to gently rouse users during their lightest sleep phases. Sleep time helps hasten sleep with soundscapes that simulate natural sounds like thunderstorms and gentle ocean waves.

5. Pillow

The advanced sleep tracking app monitors sleep cycles with a cutting-edge algorithm based on sleep cycle theory, then reports sleep data back to the user with an intuitive gesture-based interface. With a comprehensive sleep stage diagram, the Pillow app plots times of wakeness, REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep before supplying sleep session statistics. Pillow also integrates its sleep tracker with Apple Health to extend sleep knowledge.

6. Relax & Sleep Well

The free sleep app for Apple and Android devices will help its users fall asleep faster with soothing sounds. Created by a renowned professional hypnotherapist, Relax & Sleep Well is designed to hasten sleep by overcoming anxiety and improving sleep habits. In addition to several free stress-relieving hypnotherapy recordings, Relax & Sleep Well offers for purchase 80 acclaimed recordings focusing on topics like insomnia, anxiety, mindfulness and even weight loss. The hypnosis tracks include background sound effects each selected for its specific key and frequency that guide listeners into deep relaxation.

7. Bettersleep

Formerly known as Relax Melodies, the BetterSleep app gently lulls users to sleep with soothing nature sounds. Relax into a restful slumber with a sleep-inducing melody made up of nature sounds and a soothing musical tune. A selection of mindfulness meditations even can be added to the musical mix for ultimate relaxation. Users can discover new and better sound creations from within the BetterSleep community while they use the app to learn more about sleep science and how it impacts their lives.

8. Digipill

Want a free app that helps users relax, beat insomnia, reduce stress and even lose weight? With the power of a digital pill, the Digipill app features a combination of psychoacoustics to unlock the subconscious and change perception. Just download a specific pill, relax and listen for about 30 minutes as the scientifically-structured sounds work to alter your behavior. Additional pills for various purposes can be purchased from the Digipill pharmacy.

9. Good Morning Alarm Clock

The Good Morning Alarm Clock app helps users wake up feeling refreshed, rested and alert thanks to its built-in smart alarm. Everyone has a natural waking phase, and the Good Morning Alarm Clock wakes users during this key phase of the sleep cycle. The app also provides straightforward yet detailed sleep statistics from the previous night using engaging infographics. Every week, the app aggregates those sleep statistics to better track sleep dept and quality. To encourage quicker sleep, the app features soothing sounds to help users nod off faster.

10. Headspace

Meditation can help improve sleep, and the Headspace app guides users through this beneficial mindful meditation. The app teaches users how to practice mindfulness in everyday life, using it to reduce stress and get help falling asleep. In addition to sleep meditation, the app features guided meditation and breathing exercises to help users learn mindfulness skills. From short, 3-minute sessions to longer meditations, Headspace offers mindfulness exercises for every schedule.

What is the best sleep app?

The best sleep app is the SleepWatch app. It can be integrated with an Apple Watch to better track and monitor sleep patters, or it can be used from another mobile device. The app develops a personal sleep score to help users better understand and improve their natural sleep patterns. The SleepWatch digital coaching feature helps users learn about sleep medicine and how to enhance their sleep on a regular basis.

What is the best free sleep app?

Many sleep apps offer a free trial or a free version with in-app purchases. One of the best sleep apps that is also free is Pillow. The Pillow app features an advanced sleep timer and an analysis alarm clock that monitors sleep and rouses users at the perfect time for rested yet alert wakefulness. The app even integrates with Apple Health to improve sleep education and overall wellness.

What is the best app to help fall asleep?

Sometimes you just need some help falling asleep. The best sleep app to help fall asleep is BetterSleep, which has helped more than 35 million users fall asleep and stay asleep. With relaxing sounds, sleep-inducing melodies and mindful meditations, BetterSleep users can’t help but overcome insomnia. They even can consult the BetterSleep community to sample others’ sleep sounds and audio mixes.

Which is the best app to learn your sleep patterns?

The best app to learn sleep patterns and track your sleep is the Sleep Cycle app. The app tracks and analyzes sleep patterns, helping to awaken users during their phase of lightest sleep. It generates understandable infographics to illustrate the sleep patterns, helping any user to gain a better understanding of their sleep cycle.

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